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Setting: The World of Greyhawk

About: Who We Are

We are an RPG group that currently meets at VanCity in Burnaby on Sundays from 1-5pm. The current setting is the World of Greyhawk.


All sessions are scheduled via Meetup.com.
Create your character using the D&D Character Builder.

All new players should create a character from level 1 to 4. At the present time, the playable races are Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Humans, Gnomes and Half-Elves. All classes are permissable except Monks and Warlocks. Players without a character will be provided a choice of 3 stock characters.

If you have any questions, bring them up online via Meetup.com or contact me directly.

Game Setting

Gameplay starts in the World of Greyhawk. Later it will take place within the Sword Coast on the continent of Faerûn.

Have an idea of what kind of character you'd like to portray and continue it's development from session to session. The current level is [Level 1-4]. Play starts within the City of Wyn. Wyn is a searfaring port within the World of Greyhawk.

Use these resources to define your character ...

Have an idea of what weapons, armor and magic your character would make use of. If necessary, refer to D&D5E's Players Handbook and D&D Beyond (https://www.dndbeyond.com/).

  1.   Select your race and class using the Players Handbook. You can also view the setting page.
  2.   Use www.fastcharacter.com or Character Builder to create a new character.
All you need is dice and your D&D character sheet.


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Burnaby, BC
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Contact Me

arcolq@gmail.com https://dnd5e.co.nf